Sketch and final animation of Justin Bieber doing a kickflip on a skateboard for Purpose Pro
Justin Bieber’s Purpose Pro, tap here to play
Extract of level art for Venice in Justin Bieber’s Purpose Pro

Justin Bieber’s Purpose Pro

Game design and direction, artworking, animation and art direction for a web video game featuring Justin Bieber doing skateboarding.

The game launched just in time to support the release of his album Purpose and let fans take control of the singer to pull tricks and ride along the boardwalk of Venice, LA, and the streets of Sydney, Australia.

The primary design problem was crafting a difficult genre into the most accessible form for an audience of likely inexperienced gamers. Fans found the one finger controls easy to pick up, and the obstacles appropriately challenging.

A tight deadline forced innovation in level design, and a bespoke level editor to match. Segments of the endless skateboarder are comprised of a small number of tiles that convey the feel of the location they are drawn from while giving level designers the flexibility to create content as simple or as difficult as necessary.

Fans that attain high scores unlock bonus content relating to Justin and his skating exploits around the world. Fan-made videos on YouTube show how to do that the most economically!

By Jason Mervyn Hibbs, updated